GOODSERCLE: Championing circularity in whitegoods since 2011. Together, let's tackle this e-waste challenge.

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Our Journey

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We are a social enterprise and circular economy business est. 2011. We partner with householders, businesses, local councils, and community groups all over Melbourne to reduce greenhouse gases and waste going to landfill through responsible white goods refurbishment and decommissioning.

GOODSERCLE was previously known as Green Earth RETHINK Recycle.

Sustainable Nature Plan

A good percentage of whitegoods collected are refurbished in our workshop. These reliable but affordable household essentials are made available to the community.

This reduces appliances going to landfill considerably, whilst making a tangible difference in the lives of individuals and communities,

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We have been part of the Victorian Energy Upgrade VEU Program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We have also worked with Sustainability Victoria to upgrade High Energy Efficient Fridges & Freezers for Small Businesses.

We have been working in the Circular Economy for over a decade.

Our Why

  • Most residents cannot transport bulky whitegoods to recycling centres, leaving them with no easy way to remove, collect for refurbishment, or responsibly dispose of these appliances.
  • Instead, some residents leave their whitegoods on the curb, where scrap dealers pick them up for the metal and motors. Unfortunately, when these dealers take the appliances apart, they accidentally release refrigerants into the air, contributing to the climate problem and rendering them unrepairable.
  • Thus, many used appliances that could be refurbished, aren't, and those sent for recycling often not decommissioned properly.
  • This is a missed chance to extend the life of these appliances, help those in need, and reduce e-waste and CO2e emissions.

Our how


Careful recovery of unwanted or end of use whitegoods from households

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Our team of skilled technicians thoroughly refurbishes and restores these whitegoods to a high standard, ensuring they meet quality and safety requirements

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Increase Affordability

Sustainable and cost-effective alternative for households in need of essential appliances.

Our Impact so far ...

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4800+ Families

had access to affordable white goods, improving their quality of life and wellbeing.

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45000+ tonnes of CO2e

gas emmissions were abated

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250+ metric tonnes of ewaste

was diverted from landfill and products were reused



Access to reliable whitegoods for the underprivilaged.

Create local employment.

Keep Products in Use

Encourage a circular economy by refurbishing and rehoming whitegoods, reducing reliance on raw materials and promoting sustainability.


Reducing the environmental footprint of discarded whitegoods


Can you explain how your collection process works?

Our distinct service includes hassle-free onsite appliance removal from residents’ home.

(We highly discourage leaving appliance on nature strip)

To schedule a collection, residents can easily prebook via phone or online

Which whitegoods are eligible for these services?

We take care of bulky appliances, which are difficult to transport for the residents, like Fridges, Freezers, Washing Machines, Clothes Dryers & Ovens.

At present we are not dealing with Commercial Appliances.

What areas do you sevice?

Currently we service Metropolitan Melbourne.

Call or email us and

let’s start a conversation!


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